Obama – Losing Control Over His Supersecret Control?

Obama – Losing Control Over His Supersecret Control?
Ever since he was reelected, Obama keeps screwing up his tentatives to take control over the country. And what`s even more ridiculous is that he tries to “fix” it, as he usually does… and screws it up worse than ever. It`s like the man cannot get a break!

First, he signs a SUPER secret cybersecurity directive… and the media finds out about it. Suddenly, it becomes top news and a whole world discovers the US president is doing funny business behind everyone`s back.

But seriously now, what did he expect? We`re talking about journalists who pray every single morning for a juicy piece of news just like this one. Of course they ratted on him!

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In case you haven`t heard of this directive yet, here`s what it`s about:

It`s an executive order “laying out new guidelines for cyber-operations that national security planners can use to protect U.S. computer networks from attack”(www.nbcnews.com). Sounds ok so far, so why did it have to be a secret?

Well, here`s why. According to Presstv.ir, the directive is “the most extensive White House effort to date to wrestle with what constitutes an ‘offensive’ and a ‘defensive’ action”, referring to cyberterrorism. Which makes me wonder… can they make it any more ambiguous than this?

Offensive and defensive action... Easily translated by “we`ll continue to assault every network we can… and now we`re also free to deploy the military within the US if we sniff a supposed cyberattack”.

Of course, that`s only a supposition. No one knows exactly what Obama signed, because it`s superclassified… and, by the looks of it, it will stay that way:
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The NSA refused to declassify the documents, although it violates the Freedom of Information Act.

The request for information came from The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), but got rejected immediately, on account that “disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.”

EPIC attorneys say will file an appeal and find out what`s REALLY in that directive and how it will affect Americans… However, I have the feeling this document will be buried deeper that any attorney can sniff. There must be something very disturbing written in there, if so many efforts were made to keep it far away from curious eyes.
However, here`s the problem with secrets that involve security, whether it`s in the virtual world or not:
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This is the perfect example of security technology that works against the people, instead of protecting them.

As Bloomberg reports, Rapiscan was supposed to program the machine to display a generic image during the scanning process, to protect the passenger`s privacy. They didn`t succeed, but they faked test results.

Of course, the company that produces these scanners denied the accusations. However, the machines were put in storage until Rapiscan gets to the bottom of this problem.

Again, the reason why those scanners were taken out of airports is that the media ratted on them. If this very uncomfortable issue had not made the news… the machines would still be there as we speak.
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But what happens with documents like the classified directive? What happens if it doesn`t get declassified and Americans don`t get to find out what “surprise” is in for them?

Obviously, Obama`s administration is way over its head in this. They invest millions of dollars in security technology and programs they cannot handle… and then they try to sweep everything under the carpet, hoping no one finds out.

But this is not something you can simply ignore… Especially when we`re talking about cybersecurity of governmental networks. If a hacker breaks into the system, they can start a WAR just by pressing a few keys.

Nowadays, there are viruses that can change the speed of centrifuges in nuclear facilities, even from thousands of miles away. They don`t even need to build atomic bombs or plan  terrorist attacks… all it takes is a whiz kid and his computer.

In the meanwhile, American authorities are still wrestling with naughty body scanners in airports.

Paradoxically, all this technology and secret cybersecurity orders are not protecting us, as they`re meant to… but turning us into an easy target. And it doesn`t fool anyone anymore, no matter how hard they try…

By Alec Deacon