Gold Coast top cop says many offences at lowest levels in 15 years

THE Gold Coast is a sunny place for shady people and its crime statistics are "pretty good", the city's top cop says.

Superintendent Paul Ziebarth said local police were doing an admirable job fighting crime - and in many cases reducing it - considering the Coast was a magnet for
criminals, including newly released prisoners.

He said despite a spike in sex attacks and assault, many offences were at their lowest levels in 15 years.

But he said Gold Coasters had to "show some courage and pride" and give police more help to combat crime.

"On any given day, there are in the order of 1200 people under the supervision of probation and parole on the Coast. In any 12 months, up to 400 recidivist offenders
are released into the community."

But despite the challenges, Supt Ziebarth said his officers were achieving success.
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