Do we Really need a Government to Take Care of us?

Law without Government: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society : personally I believe that government and the whole notion of modern state in its hierarchical form is the most dangerous invention man ever made , government monopolizes violence and the use of violence , and not only that it tends to monopolize everything from education to information to security to the point that the government now can pretend to care for us more than we care about ourselves,
we have God given rights we do not need a government to give us rights and certainly we do not need a piece of paper written in some masonic lodge and called the international chart for human right in order to have those rights , they pretend to want our freedom and liberty when in fact we are becoming more slaves by the day , so down with the supranational NWO shadow government and down with all its subsidiaries the puppet government they have on every and each of their plantations/countries , Belgium lived more than two years without a government and they never been any better off , because it is you people that are creating wealth with your work , it is not some white collar corrupt government official setting in an office that is running the country , IT is YOU , your country is YOU , your leader is YOU , the solution to all your problems is YOU and nobody else's