A Good Start for Food Supply

A Good Start for Food Supply
This is a video for a good start for food supply. In the event of a crisis, where food is no longer available at your friendly neighborhood supermarket, you may not live in a rural farm land area where food is readily available, instead, you may most likely live in the city, or a suburb; therefore it is a good idea to have a short term supply of food available for you and your loved ones.

The US has essentially lost most of its manufactring base and thus we are service based economy. Let's see, we get paid to perform a service.... sounds likd prostitution here. Anyway, we also have exploding debt from the national state and personal level. This debt is going to cause an economic crisis for the US.... it is only a matter of time.

We can see the historical significance of the situation, by looking at Germany when their currency collapsed due to hyperinflation.
Food and rent consummed about 30 percent of an average family of three prior to the financial upheavel; however, within a few short years, the cost of food shot up over 90% while the cost of Rent dropped to less than 1 percent. The economic, and social, situation was so bad that people were literally starving to death and it eventually
led to the rise of Hitler.

Although not for everyone, there is a simple solution for a low cost, long term storage, food option available for people.
Beans - for the protein
Rice - For the carbohydrates
and Rolled Oats for a combination of both.
I choose these because they are the easiest to prepare.... add water and heat.

To summarize the information within this video, it only takes 116 pounds of Beans costing about 116 dollars, 150 pounds of Rice costing about 120 dollars, and 66 pounds of Rolled Oats costing about 75 dollars for a grand total of about 311.00 dollars if you do NOT buy in bulk to feed one person for one year. If you buy in bulk, then the cost is considerably cheaper.

Please do not forget Salt, Multi-Vitamins, Sugar, Honey, and Spices!

So how much room do you need to store this food for one person for one year. Well, believe it or not, this could potentially fit nicely under an average bed.

To last years, you can store the Beans, Rice and Rolled Oats into air tight food grade buckets. You can lengthen the storage life by putting the food in milar bags with oxygen absorbers. Also try to keep the temperature as low as possible with minimal temperature changes. When looking for food storage buckets, please make sure that they are designed for food storage.
Look for the nomenclature 1 or 2 at the bottom of the bucket. If you see a number 3 or greater, they are not
designed to store food and should be avoided.

Finally, please prepare now for the forthcoming economic, and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US. Good Day