150 Reasons to Secede From the Union For Those Who Are Considering Secession Part 1 - Video

There are many problems to solve in our present system

The representative form of government is not working

Those representatives don’t represent us

There are no free elections any more; It’s all rigged and our candidate is the only Constitutional candidate and we are told that the people don’t want a Constitutional candidate and they prefer the Nazis and the fascists over the Freedom and Prosperity candidate

I find this very difficult to believe and my conclusion is that the voting system is rigged

Someone is controlling the polls and telling me who is winning, when I don’t know anyone who is interested in either Obama or Romney

When you can’t change the system by voting them out, what do you do?

You have two choices for getting rid of dictators

1. You can get a gun and start killing people and get yourself killed rather quickly
2. You can secede from the Union

I’m advocating the second, secession, because I don’t want anyone to get killed

Gun sales are up, like never before and I don’t think my idea is as popular as buying guns and ammo, so I thought I had better make this video and see if I can get people to reason this out and think more clearly
Here are 150 reasons for you to consider secession; Please consider them!